How to lose weight in 7 days? You don’t have to starve

What to do if you have an important social event in a week and need to fit in your clothes? It is clear that the body will not change radically in a week, but there are possibilities. Eliminate alcohol, white bread and sweets from your diet, get the right tightening underwear and go for a massage. What else will help?

How much can you lose weight per week?

The kg of body fat is approximately 7500 kcal (31 401 kJ). To lose one kilo per week, you must either burn 500 kcal (2,000 kJ) more daily or reduce your energy intake by that amount. In practice, this means either running about an hour a day or eating a quarter to a third less.

If you reduce your daily caloric intake and reduce carbohydrates to a minimum, this will mainly result in flushing fluid from your body. This way you can lose as much as three pounds a week. However, the result will be a slowing down of metabolism, you will feel tired and in the next week you will have lost pounds back and probably even more.

But even in a week you can do a lot with the character. You can drop some pounds, get rid of your body of excess water, clean it and make your figure stronger. And thanks to all this you will look much better. How to do it?

Diet for fast weight loss

Start at the menu. You may be stricter for one week, but it would be nice if you could pass on some healthy habits to the coming weeks.

Reduce white bread. In the future, it is not good to skip carbohydrates in the diet completely, you can limit them for a week. Skip white bread and eat a minimum of side dishes. Instead, include proteins and lots of vegetables. Treat yourself to quality carbohydrates in the form of unsweetened cereals, whole grain bread or pasta. By the way – this is one of those habits that you will maintain for a long time.

Reduce the sugar. This also pays to follow even after the “diet”. Simple sugars are deposited in the abdomen to protect internal organs, such as the liver, saliva or intestines. Moreover, excessive sugar consumption is often behind a bloated belly. Less sweetness means a flatter abdomen and additional benefits such as less wrinkles and better health.

Add the vegetables. Eat piles of vegetables instead of side dishes. Attention – vegetables do not equal fruit, it contains a large amount of sugar. Eat large salad bowls with feta cheese, chicken or eggs. You can last it for a week, then you can look for other variations of healthy lunches.

Skip alcohol

If you are used to having a couple of wines a few times a week, discard the alcohol. A glass of white wine contains about 550 kJ and red 620 kJ, plus alcohol adds kilograms also due to the mentioned irrigation. By taking a break from the evening drink, at least a pound goes down.

Speed ​​up metabolism

High-quality proteins, fiber and, for example, green tea are great help to speed up your metabolism. Faster burning will also help you in losing weight. See other tips on how to speed up your metabolism.

Get your tightening underwear

Do you want to wear a gown for a party, and it’s still not it? Good tightening pants will do a better job than a week on water.

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