Use of steroids

Steroids are used during concrete time periods, which are called cycles. It means that they are used for several weeks and after that, for the same or higher number of weeks, they are not used. This logical procedure is necessary to achieve the maximal results and to maximally protect the user’s health. Its purpose is above all to give the body, androgen receptors and liver a time to regenerate and to renew the natural production of testosterone.

Normally, steroid cycles should be:

  • rather long for bulking purposes
  • rather short for purposes of speed and force training
  • rather short for beginners
  • rather short for women (longer use might lead to virilisation)

The user usually starts with a three weeks cycle, which is gradually prolonged. The maximal duration of one cycle is 8 weeks. In extreme cases, if the cycle is repeated for several times, it may last for 12 weeks. A longer duration of a non-stop use can be very useful above all in case of the products, which can lead to increasing the number of myofibrils. However, a higher medical control and prevention is needed.

Pauses between two cycles can have this duration:

  • In case of a 3-weeks cycle, the pause is between 4 and 7 weeks – in one year, there are 4-5 cycles.
  • In case of a 4-6-weeks cycle, the pause is 8 weeks – in one year, there are 3-4 cycles.
  • In case of a 12-weeks cycle, the pause is approximately 8 weeks – in one year, there are 2 cycles.

In the cycles, there are several ways of the application of anabolic steroids:

the user tries, what steroids are the most suitable for him

  • „mixing“ – several different steroids are used in one cycle
  • „accumulation“ – a higher number of steroids is used simultaneously
  • „decreasing“ – the doses of anabolic steroids are gradually decreased, the user starts using products meant to renew the natural functions of the body (proviron, clomid, HCG)

During the very first cycle of the user, lower doses are used normally. Men often gain perfect results, if they use the maximal doses between 10 – 15 mg in one day. For women, the ideal maximal daily dose is 4 – 5 mg. In the next cycles, the doses are increased, but the physical state has to be controlled simultaneously (at least, the liver has to be tested).

There are the following rules for the steroids of androgen type:

  • Normally, the anabolic effects are obvious, if the daily dose of 2 mg is used.
  • Men reach the best effects, if they use a daily dose of approximately 30 mg, it means 0,25 – 0,35 mg on one kg of body weight. In case of this dose, the anabolic effect is very high and a health risk is not very big (from the point of view of a male athlete).
  • Because of the risk of virilisation, women should not use more than 3 – 5 mg of a steroid with strong virilising effects in one day. In case of steroids with a lower tendency to virilise, women can use up to 10 – 20 mg in a day.
  • The maximal daily dose for men is in average 0,5 – 1 mg for 1 kg of body weight. However, the health risk in case of such doses is very high already.

The anabolic effect of higher doses, than is the above mentioned, is only a little higher. In case of doses, which were higher than 1 mg on 1 kg of body weight, it was revealed, that the anabolic effects were only slightly increased, but the health risk was significantly bigger. In simple words, using too high doses is nonsense. Its only result is, besides possible severe medical troubles, that the intracellular receptors will be blocked and the muscles will not be able to grow anymore.

This is the ideal procedure in case of oxymetholone: In the beginning, 2 – 5 mg is used. Every day, 2 mg are added to the previous dose, thus, the maximal dose of 30 – 35 mg is reached in two weeks. The user, who tested this product, gained 7 kg of new mass. When the use of oxymetholone was connected with creatine, the gain was even 8 kg. Better results cannot be achieved, even if you use extremely high doses. According to this test, it is highly probable, that the human organism orally cannot absorb daily more than 300 mg of steroids. Higher doses have to be applied per injection.

While choosing a product, keep on mind, that:

  • It is always better to combine more products (the health risk is decreased and the anabolic effects are stronger), steroids usually work together. Besides this, some steroids have better effects on concrete muscles.
  • Strong antogonadotropins are used either during the whole cycle, or during its second (decreasing) half.
  • In case, that men use products with a tendency to aromatize, they use them during the first half of the cycle. After it, their use is stopped immediately. In the second half, products, which aromatize very hardly or do not aromatize at all, are used.
  • In case, that women use products with a tendency to virilise, they use them during the first half of the cycle. In the second half, products, which virilise very hardly or do dot virilise at all, are used.

Recommended dosage

As far as the doses are concerned, it is a question, whether the user of steroids is willing to risk, because the higher are the doses, the bigger are the health risks. A lot of users try to eliminate the side effects by using a higher number of weak steroids (deca durabolin, equipoise, primobolan, oxandrolone). However, some users risk more and use strong steroids, for example esters of testosterone.

If you set your weekly income of steroids on 800 mg, there can be strong differences in the health risk, which depend on concrete steroids, that you use. 800 mg of testosterone has much more side effects than 250 mg of testosterone and 550 mg of deca durabolin, which is a much „safer“ steroid.

The dose, that you decide to use, depends on your own will to risk. A lot of beginners try to use 200 mg in one week. Some experienced users do not hesitate to apply weekly 2000 mg; there were even cases of use of 5000 mg. However, in these cases, this is a waste of money and product, of course, because such high doses can never be effective.

For beginners, the most suitable weekly dose is between 200 – 400 mg. More experienced users achieve the best results with 700 – 900 mg in one week. Unfortunately, side effects of steroids (Gynecomastia, for example) appear already in case of use of 750 mg, already. However, it does not mean, that the side effects cannot appear in case of lower doses, as well, although they appearance is quite rare.

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