What are steroids?

What are steroids?

Steroids, short for anabolic-androgen steroids are chemical substances that are primarily used in the medicine to treat chronic ailments like AIDS or cancer. Steroids were once popularly used by athletes, especially bodybuilders to enhance muscle growth. However, most sports have banned the substance today as enhancing the body’s performance in any way other than “naturally” is considered to be cheating, not to mention the ill effects of the substance.

The effect of steroids on some people is amazing. Steroids stimulate bone growth and muscular mass. If combined with intense exercises and proper nutrition, a bodybuilder will notice quick development. Unfortunately, the effects are mostly short term. In the long run, steroids lead to a number of medical complications.

Steroids are known to be a cause of high blood pressure, liver damage and quite a number of other complications.

History of steroids

When steroids first came out in the 1930’s, athletes quickly discovered its amazing effects on the human body. Athletes were able to become stronger and a whole lot bigger in terms of muscular mass. However in 1967, the use of steroids was banned by the Olympic Committee. Other international sports committees also agreed to ban the use of this substance.

The ban on the use of steroids did not actually stop its use. Many athletes found different ways to get around the tests that sports administrators performed during a sporting event. Different forms of steroids were also developed and these were virtually undetected in the early days of the ban.

Steroids in nowadays

Today, not only have the tests improved to detect many forms of banned substances, but they are also performed during the training sessions and not only during the sports events. Many great athletes have been stripped of their medals and even banned in the participation of sporting events due to illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Different sporting organizations have banned the use of steroids by athletes participating in their games, but this did little to extinguish the use of the drug completely. Men who do not intend to professionally participate in any sporting event, but do have a need for a more masculine physique, still take the drug. High school athletes also take the risk of using steroids and this has led to the abuse of the substance.

Many athletes who continue using steroids purchase it in the black market seemingly unaware of the negative effects it can have on the body. Some of the effects are reversible and some unfortunately can no longer be reversed. If you are considering using steroids to enhance your masculine properties or your performance in sports, then you need to be fully aware of the dangers of using this drug without medical supervision.

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