Adipex-75 – what is it?

Adipex-75® is a medicine whose purpose and function is to suppress excessive appetite. Thus, it suppresses the feeling of hunger, thereby facilitating the maintenance of dietary restrictions, producing fantastic weight loss results. The drug is produced as a soft-release capsule.

The active substance phentermine is bound in the form of polystyrenesulphate – from which it is gradually released in the body – hence “controlled release”.

Slow release of the active substance is a key and unique feature of the drug – it results in an uninterrupted anorectic effect lasting at least 8 hours, unlike the vast majority of products that act only immediately and have a short-term effect.

Adipex-75® is indicated for dietary support in patients with obesity and body mass index (BMI) * 30 and above, when a weight loss diet alone is not enough to reduce body weight, and repeated medical prescription is usually necessary.